Press Release: Trump’s Decision on Paris Signifies America’s Decline of Leadership

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Trump’s Decision on Paris Signifies America’s Decline of Leadership

BOSTON, MA (June 01, 2017) – Today, the Trump Administration has announced the United States will join Nicaragua and Syria as the only three countries in the world to not be either a party or signatory to the Paris Agreement. Despite a significant majority of Americans backing the agreement, President Trump has considered the deal to be regressive towards the U.S. economy. This viewpoint is contrary to what countless U.S. multinational corporations, economists, and business leaders say about the deal.
The Center for Development and Strategy issued the following statement in the midst of the announcement on Thursday:
“While CDS is traditionally a non-partisan organization, we also believe that climate change is a non-partisan issue. The Paris Accord represents the best response to human driven climate change that is immediately feasible. Furthermore, this deal represented the best of American leadership on the world stage. As the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. has a responsibility to reduce its emissions and act as an example for other countries. Evidently, American leadership is now on the decline.
“The Trump Administration’s landmark decision is a lose-lose-lose scenario for America’s economy, environment, and national security. While the future lies in renewable energy sources, The White House is looking towards outdated methods of capturing energy. Furthermore, countless more jobs lie in solar and wind than in fossil fuels. Renewable electricity jobs are the engine that drives America’s energy economy. There are nearly five times more people employed in the renewable energy sector than there are in fossil fuels.
“The Trump Administration’s decision also goes against the Pentagon’s warnings of climate change as a threat multiplier to global instability. America’s national security is dependent on a stable socio-political environment throughout the world. Climate change is expected to undermine global security through a variety of ways. Particularly vulnerable regions include the Arctic, North Africa and Middle East, the Sahel, and Southeast Asia. If global greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, conflict in these regions are likely to worsen.
“We are strongly opposed to the Trump Administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement. This decision is shortsighted and will most likely prove to be devastating to the world economy, environment, and security. CDS stands for the continued development of renewable technologies, climate diplomacy, and economic revitalization. This decision is contrary to each one of these ideals.”