The Center for Development and Strategy is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) think tank devoted to the research and discussion of the nexus between global development, sustainability, and security in an unprecedented era of change. Fostered by young professionals, CDS has a unique perspective that is both holistic and grounded. We don't define ourselves by academic silos. Instead, we seek to simplify the complexity of our world and offer insight on solutions to some of our most pressing challenges. Our writing has been published in top foreign policy and news outlets including Scientific American, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Slate, The Jerusalem Post, The Diplomat, War on the Rocks, and the Wilson Center's New Security Beat. We've participated at the United Nations General Assembly and are active in discussions surrounding environmental security. CDS is the first online-based think tank and is able to cut across boundaries unlike any other in the world.

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Think Publication
Think Publication is an open-access and web-based publishing house within the CDS think tank. It’s composed of an editorial staff of students who have years of experience with academic research, media, editing, and publishing. Young professionals from all backgrounds are able to submit their research and work to be published and hosted on the CDS website. From there, CDS outreach helps to disseminate that new knowledge to the rest of academia, policymakers, and businesses.
Think Incubation
Think Incubation‘s concept is a blend between micro-financing, strategy development, and consulting. The program is meant for students and professionals who are hoping to scale their civil society organizations up, but don’t have the resources or skills to do so. Think Incubation staff members have experience working with both the public and private sectors and are able to deliver impactful results. Among the services provided for civil society organizations are creation of business plans, articles of incorporation, 501(c)(3) consulting, marketing, graphic design, photography, and general business model consulting as well.
Think Together
Think Together provides our generation with a voice on policy issues. Young people thrive on idealism, and its our #1 mission to bring this out.