Press Release: Young People Changing the World

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Washington, D.C.

September 1, 2016


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The Top 30 Young Leaders of Sustainability, Development, Human Rights

The men and women featured in the Center for Development and Strategy’s 30 Under 30 are some of the world’s most influential up-and-comers in the fields of sustainability, development, and human rights. While countless other organizations have compiled similar lists before, none can match the prowess of these young leaders. From environmental scientists to space developers, this is the most important and far-reaching 30 Under 30 yet.

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The millennial generation has made some significant contributions to global society already. The start-up movement of the last decade has helped propel industries to shift like no other time in history. The most important question how this has happened is why it has happened. Limited resources coupled with a growing population will leave our global society constrained if we don’t do something now. To change the world, real leadership is needed.

That’s why we wanted to highlight young leaders who are already making change. We wanted a list of people who are working for all of us. And we wanted the best of the best. To do this we opened our nominations to anyone under the age of 30. We wanted to focus on the fields that will be most relevant to our lives over the coming decades. In the words of CDS’ Executive Director, David Harary, “these upcoming leaders are positioned to make our world better.”

Our end result features 19 women and 11 men in 9 countries. 26% hail from Washington, D.C. They are entrepreneurs, scientists, policy-makers, activists, and academics. They have a lot more to learn, but are already applying their skills to the real world.


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