Are you driven to serve the public? Whether you’re an incoming graduate student or a working professional, the Center for Development and Strategy is always looking to bring along talented individuals. Ideally, we’re looking for motivated people who can bring new ideas to the table. Previous experience in research is not necessary, but an open mind to learning is.


Volunteering with CDS will provide you with a large network of professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds. It will also give you the experience necessary to enter any research field. Please note, as a small non-profit, CDS is unable to compensate for volunteerism hours. CDS will, however, seek funding for any travel and other expenses incurred while on duty.


The Center for Development and Strategy makes no selection decisions on the basis of race, color, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, or genetic information.


Positions currently available:

Strategic Relationships Manager (1)

The Strategic Relationships Manager will serve as CDS’s primary external relations point person, especially to multilateral organizations. The candidate will work with the Director of Communications, Executive Director, and Representative to International Organizations to coordinate, schedule, and seize new opportunities to represent CDS at high-level events attended by other NGOs, diplomats, government officials, military officers, and subject level experts. A successful Strategic Relationships Manager will have exceptional people skills and a knack for networking. In addition to his or her professionalism, the candidate must have concrete writing and analytic capabilities. Ideally, the candidate will be located in either Washington, D.C., New York, N.Y., or Geneva, C.H. and will be available to attend events hosted at the United Nations and elsewhere on a regular basis in their home city.


Representative to International Organizations (1)

The Representative to International Organizations will serve alongside the Strategic Relationships Manager in representing CDS at high-level events hosted by an array of international organizations located in both New York, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. Most importantly, the Representative will have exceptional people skills, a knack for networking, and unparalleled diplomatic capability. The candidate will be located in New York, N.Y. and will be available to attend events hosted at the United Nations and elsewhere on a regular basis.