Press Release: CDS Participation in the 74th United Nations General Assembly

A new generation of African innovators and entrepreneurs look to free trade and AfCFTA to tackle the unique challenges of the twenty-first century. CDS is proud to support UNIDO and its partners in this endeavour. 

As the world stands on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, African states are working to diversify their economies, boost trade within the continent, and build resiliency against global climate change.

A demographic boom presents novel challenges and opportunities for the continent, as African leaders seek to leverage new technologies to foster industrial development, in order to provide employment and opportunity for a new generation of Africans.

AfCFTA promises to promote greater cooperation amongst African states and empower them to create inclusive, sustainable growth. 

This process will require the constructive involvement of the international community, by providing technology transfers and investment to help fund the infrastructure necessary to realize this ambitious project and physically and digitally connect African countries.

Organizations like the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) are providing a forum for leaders to tackle obstacles and lay the foundations for a more prosperous and equitable future on the African continent.

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