Partnerships - GRI - Rights in Writing



4 October 2014


Buffalo, New York – The Center for Development and Strategy is proud to announce it has formed two strategic partnerships with organizations similar in scope. These two partnerships will allow CDS to gain market access to different regions throughout the world. In addition, these partnerships will help broaden the availability of new content on development issues. CDS Executive Director, David Harary, said, “forming relationships with organizations that create their own research on development is necessary to CDS’s mission. If you have collaboration on these issues, you can accomplish anything.”


In mid-September, CDS formed a partnership with Global Risk Insights, a U.K. based political risk consulting group. GRI provides expert political risk analysis. Their aim is to analyze how global political events are impacting economic & business climates. GRI has contributors from throughout the world.


Later that month, CDS also formed a partnership with Rights in Writing, a student-run think tank at the University of Toronto. Rights in Writing publishes inter-disciplinary writing and research on pressing human rights issues. Their team strives to promote dialogue, foster greater understanding, and highlight new perspectives on human rights issues across the world. Rights in Writing publishes both an academic journal called The Charter: Journal of Human Rights, as well as a blog called, Rights Now.